Wanna join the WHAPA Lab?

Think ya got the chops to cut it in the WHAPA Lab? We shall see, my friend. We shall see!

Send a note to makelly2@vt.edu with some really well-written stuff about why you'd be a good fit, how delightful your company in the Lab would be, and include lots of evidence of your spectacular career-so-far. No pressure or anything.

We get dozens of requests every semester, so make sure your note to us is clear, concise, shows off your unique talents and skills, and grammatically water-tight. We abhor bad writing! Know what we mean? We think you do!

Good Luck!!!

Bonus Section!

If you have little to no carnivore and/or field experience, why not consider volunteering for the Ix Jaguar Project? Slots are available in four-week and six-week durations, with the opportunity for re-enlisting, should you find you fancy the work, and we find we fancy you. Note: Conditions are often primitive, the work rugged and challenging, and the experience Once-in-a-Lifetime fabulous. A character-builder. A resumé-builder. A body-builder. A life-builder, which doesn't really make sense, but you know what we mean.

Click Here for all the relevant info. You will not be disappointed.

WHAPA Lab Reunion

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